B2B Guaranteed Lead Program

I Mean Who Doesn't Like a Money Back Guarantee on Leads? 

B2B Lead Program - Rules

AgencySonar is so confident that you will get at least 10 more qualified leads a month using our data aggregate and predictive analytics coding platform that If you qualify for the program we will guarantee you at least 10 more qualified company/contact leads with phone numbers, emails, titles and detailed viewing history (what they are interested in) every single month.

If we do NOT deliver those 10 company/contact leads we will refund the next months monthly fees until we get you back to the 10 lead guarantee minimum. 

To see if you qualify, please fill out the B2B Guaranteed Lead Program application below. We will confirm your traffic numbers and other information, so please be as truthful as possible.


Lead - We define a lead as a company that visited your website that has never been there before and we can provide your agency with detailed contact information for the company and a specific persons contact information at the company that visited your website. From there we in most cases can also provide historical visits and navigation paths (products/services they are interested in).

From there you can introduce them via an indoctrination campaign, outbound call campaign and remarketing via social media. It is the agency/businesses responsibility to put in the effort to connect with all leads and in very rare cases we will ask for verification of sales process data (call logs, email history, etc...) in an attempt to isolate all hurdles that could be holding your businesses sales efforts back. 

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