Digital Agency B2B Lead Generation and Analytics Platform

Enterprise Grade Leads and analytics at a small business price

Digital Agency B2B Lead Generation and Analytics Platform

Video Overview of the Sonar Platform and the Top 6 Reasons Your Agency Needs AgencySonar

Exactly What is Agency Sonar?

Before the breakthrough invention of Sonar technology, we could only see what was on the surface of the ocean. But Now with this world changing invention, we now have access to an entire new world of opportunities that lie just below the surface. 

Agency Sonar Does Exactly The Same Thing, Except For Your B2B Business. It Harvests leads below the surface and then provides precise visitor paths, visitor history logs, company information, specific contact information (email, phone, address) for the most likely person to talk to at the company and in most case it can even tell you what products your future clients are interested in.  

Why Choose Agency Sonar?

Digital Agency B2B Lead Generation and Analytics Platform

Because You Get More Leads...

Currently, people visit your website but you have no way of knowing who they are or their needs. Agency Sonar changes that. With our system, previously anonymous visitors via organic traffic, email list or paid media becomes valuable leads for your agency. Our Agency Sonar Platform will harvest these previously unknown visitors and provide you with the information needed to reach out and communicate with this warm leads. We provide a membership to our monthly service (Free of Charge for Agency Sonar Users) that provides detailed contact numbers, Email, Office Line, Titles, Addresses And Social Media Profiles.

These opportunities can be instantly pushed into the CRM of your choice or automated into a Google Sheet for On-Demand Ad delivery. 
Digital Agency B2B Lead Generation and Analytics Platform

Warm Leads Instead of Cold Emails

Our System Is Different Because It Takes Already Warm Prospects (People who took their time to review your agency) and Converts Them Into Viable warm Prospects. With our system, your paid media that normally gets you 2 leads will start getting you 10 leads! This Technology Has Been At Play For 7-10 Years At The Enterprise Level, But Price Kept The Small Business Owner From Taking Advantage Of This Amazing New Capability. Now you have access and for a price that you will not believe. 

Digital Marketing agency lead generation and advanced analytics platform

Uncover New Lead Sources & Markets

B2B Lead Generation Can Be Complicated. Businesses/Agencies Need to Constantly be Evolving and learning New Events, Publications, Associations, Etc... One Of The Amazing Values Of Agency Sonar Is That It Will Uncover Those Huge Opportunities For You. Knowing Who Is Visiting Your Site - When Previously They Remained Anonymous - Will Allow You To See Different Types Of Companies, Associations, Influencers And More. Opening up whole new areas That Prior You Simply Had Never Thought Of Marketing To.

Build the Perfect Custom Avatar

Before It Could Take Years To Dial In Your Perfect Customer Avatar. With Agency Sonar You Get previously Hidden Data And precise Contact Information That Was Previously Not Available. What Used To Take Years And Millions Of Dollars, can now be done in months and for a fraction of the cost.  By Monitoring The Leads Hitting Your Website, combining the visitor history, navigation paths, form submissions and more to a precise company record removes all of the guesswork of dialing in the ideal customer avatar for your agency.

Agency Sonar - Google Analytics Historical Lead Harvesting

Lead Harvesting On Steroids

One of our founders, Lee Goff - Agency Owner and Agency Coach,  has a Lead Harvesting Formula that talks about Shifting The Focus From The People Who Are Ready To Buy Now (Buy Mode - top 8% of people) To The People Who Might Buy From You In The Future (Tire Kickers - 92% of people). The goal and beauty of Agency Sonar is it attracts and monitors all types of Buyers. You End Up Capturing More Prospects In The "Buy Mode" Of The Sales Process AND You Build Your Future Pipeline Simultaneously And when done correctly it Cost Pennies On The Dollar To Focus On The 92% Instead Of Only focusing on The Front 8%. this is the most powerful lead harvesting tool i have ever seen. 

Digital Agency B2B Lead Generation and Analytics Platform

List Building Product Line 

Your agency can download up to 25k remarkably accurate contact records and resell them for 100% profit or use them to target your own niche. the ability to target precise groups of people via media buying platforms can drive huge amounts of leads, this tool allows you to provide on demand ad delivery to the most common ad platforms (FB/Instagram/LinkedIn/Google/Youtube). 

Once you isolate your precise target audience you Can harvest Precise contact information for ad targeting, outbound call targeting, Direct Mail and email marketing Campaigns. 

Digital Agency B2B Lead Generation and Analytics Platform

On-Demand Ad Delivery System

Your agency or your client can literally select up to 1000 contact a day to run ads to. Pick individual audiences or build massive list to cover an entire industry or area. Real-time sync with google sheets and from their you can real-time sync with FB/Insta, Google/Youtube and LinkedIn. These list also work for direct mail campaigns

How Does Agency Sonar Work?

Harvest the leads and data that lie just beneath the surface. Most of the earth is covered by water, over 80% of all life resides under the surface of the ocean and  until the military invented sonar, we could not see and knew almost nothing about it. Just like agency sonar.

see what is already there. Using Agency Sonar you will mine more leads from your existing traffic, you can push them into your CRM for warm lead follow up campaigns, outbound call campaigns and media buying look a like audiences. 

This platform is the most powerful tool on the market when it comes to lead harvesting.

If you use this platform you are guaranteed to harvest at a minimum of 10-12 new leads a month, and these are not just any leads, these are leads that found you, visited your website and are actively researching the types of services your business/agency offers. Now Go Get Them!! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Types of Leads Will I Get?  

B2B Leads complete with company information and personal contact information. These leads are not "Cold Email" leads, these are warm prospects that are in the market (hence why they searched your business out) for your services. The leads AgencySonar generates are some of the highest caliber leads for your agencies growth goals. Once you get the exact contact information the data can automatically be pushed in your CRM and from there into FB/Insta/Youtube/LinkedIn for hyper focused ad campaigns that consistently out perform cold ad campaigns. 

Can I Build a Custom Marketing List Using the AgencySonar System?

Yes you can, not only will AgencySonar harvest more warm leads it also comes with the powerful Chrome Plugin (normally $147 a month for 250 contacts). The price is included in your monthly subscription fee and you get unlimited contact records to build the most powerful list you can possibly build. 

Can I Use custom marketing list to target my prospects via Facebook/Insta/Youtube/Google/LinkedIn? 

Yes, we make it even easier if you are using a popular cRM. You click the "find" button in Seamless and everything else works like magic. The full contact record goes straight into your CRM and from there we push it directly to your custom lookaLike Audience an FB/Insta. 

How Does Agency Sonar Identify Leads?

Agency Sonar identifies leads by utilizing high-quality third party data sources that compile billions of unique data points together to create a holistic view of the companies and individuals that are using your website. Specifically we use Clearbit the same datasource HubSpot, SalesForce, Asana, InterCom, Twillio and hundreds of other enterprise level applications. We are very proud to provide you with the same quality leads as the large enterprise organizations provide to their sales teams.

How Long Before I Get My First Lead?

It often happens within 5 minutes of getting set up, but ultimately depends on your current website traffic. If you have visitors to the website right now, then it is highly likely that we can identify them immediately. If your website doesn’t generate much traffic, then you will want to engage in paid advertising and or SEO to generate more traffic, and with it, more leads.

Can Multiple Websites Be Tracked With One Login?

The short answer is yes, but each unique website will require its own subscription for data and tracking. We can then simply connect your user id to control and access multiple websites!

Do You Have A White Label Option?

We do offer a white label option, please contact us for enterprise level pricing. This is for larger agencies or niche specific organizations with the ability to drive large amounts of sales. There is a cost to white labeling the platform, once it is all setup we will also coach you on how to sell it and build up your MRR under your own brand and product line. 

Are Subscriptions Monthly or Annual?

Both, you can do month to month or you can take advantage of a huge discount and pay annually. All subscription fees are non-refundable. 

Is There A Minimum Subscription Period?

Very simple month to month. If you choose to end your subscription, it will expire at the end of the last billing cycle. No prorated refunds are allowed. We simply provide the leads until your final subscription date and cut the leads off. 

How Precise Is Your Lead Data?

We go to great lengths to compile the best and most accurate lead data we can create. By giving smaller business access to enterprise-quality data, we are able to level the playing field. But the real answer is to reach out to our team to receive a demo to see for yourself.

We use the same data aggregation company that the worlds most reputable brands (SalesForce, HubSpot, Twillio, Asana, etc...) use daily to build their multi-billion dollar organizations. 

You can trust the company data and the personal contact data from

Why Is This Tool Different From Others Like It?

These types of tools have been available for enterprise level businesses for almost 10 years. small businesses simply could not afford the entry price (Starts at $3500 a month and goes WAY up from there). we are extremely proud to bring this solution to the small business community, but we did not stop there we negotiated with to get the best contact information for specific individuals and then combined it with an automated way to get all contact information into your CRM. to the best of our knowledge, There is simply not anything else like AgencySonar available to small business owners. 

is there a knowledge base or online support

Yes there is (  and we like to take a step further, at the time of your purchase you will be assigned an onboarding specialist. your onboarding specialist will act like your personal concierge, they will schedule a 15 - 30 minute introduction call to explain how the process works, ensure the tech team configures your Google Search Console, heat map, session recording, install the java snippet, provide you all of the training links you will need and schedule your advanced group coaching session. we understand how important it is to your agency/business to drive quality leads, so We leave no stone unturned as we work towards your successful setup of this amazing lead generation tool for agency. this process is also a great start towards reselling the platform to your b2B clients, if you are interested in joining our certified partner program please let your onboarding specialist know. 

is there a reseller or certified partner program? I want to resell this to my clients. 

Yes there is and we look forward to working with every agency that qualifies. There is a one time setup fee that involved advanced product training, advanced platform coaching, gaining access to the "Agency" level of the platform so you can manage your own client base, ongoing senior level support, sales training, sales materials and so much more. Join our growing partner community today. 

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