10 Ways Your Agency Benefits from Partnering with AgencySonar

  1. B2B Leads - Drive more leads for your agency and your clients
  2. Marketing List - Start selling marketing list for higher profits and better ad performance. 
  3. Magnetic Marketing - Easily attract clients and always have your pipeline full with free leads for 30 days
  4. Sales Training and Support Materials - AgencySonar partners are provided sales decks, banner ads, email marketing copy, ad copy, videos, social media post and more. We focus our coaching around account based marketing, all of this is provided to our gold level partners and above. 
  5. Free Trials - Never worry about getting a client again, once you are empowered with 30 day free trials, your agency will never go another day worrying about where the next project is coming from. 
  6. Off the shelf Products - AgencySonar provides an "Off the Shelf" product line to all of our partners. We release one new product a quarter (4 a year) to our partners, we help them promote them, provide campaign materials and the best part is our agency partners never have to split the profit with us, all the profit goes to your agency! 
  7. Partner Exclusive Pricing - AgencySonar oNLY sells to agencies and B2B businesses can only buy through our agency partner network. All partners receive HUGE discount prices and can charge whatever their market can command. This allows for massive residual profits to be built up over time.
  8. Group coaching and training - Gold partners are provided bi-monthly group coaching, mentoring and training on how to use the platform to grow their agency. lee is also an agency coach and will do traditional business leadership coaching in these calls as well. 
  9. Agency Management Dashboard - Manage everything from one dashboard, billing, free trials, signing up new clients, reseller profiles and more via our easy to use agency dashboard. 
  10. More Leads - Directory listings, we provide leads to gold partners and above, word of mouth referrals and all leads will be distributed to our agency partners. We spend thousands of dollars a month promoting the platform, we pass leads to our partners on a regular basis. 

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